Sean is a west country [DJ] legend! As a pioneering 80’s turntablist with rugged good looks, overflowing charm and nimbler than most crossfading crab fingers Sean conquered as many bedrooms and he did dancefloors :) His turntable wizardry and music selection like ‘Grandmaster Mash’ inspired a generation of rappers, b-boys, street artists and would be DJ's.

All the Fletchstock crew and Stroud are moist with anticipation he agreed to get loaded on naproxen to fight off the finger pain his trade inflicted in later life and grace our town once again in the memory of a very close, dear friend and fellow CBP crew member ‘Jamie Fletch’ we all miss so much and show us what all the fuss was about back then! Just don't mention the pirate radio station...ahem 😉

No pressure Sean. Bring it!