The diversity of the group creates music which is an eclectic combination of hip hop, funk, jazz, reggae and Latin. It all makes for originality.

Flipside music is enjoyed by all and appeals to those who don’t like dance music. They are a live band doing modern dance music. More like the prodigy than oasis but using live instruments instead of computers.

Most their material is improvised often performing something for the first time live on stage. The flipside jam at ‘Fletchstock’ will be just that with a couple of members being replaced by other artists Jamie has previously worked with in the studio.

No-one knows what they will drop at ‘Fletchstock’ what we all do know is it will be unique and the first time they have reunited in many years and its going to be heartfelt in the memory of Stroud legend Jamie Fletcher. R.I.P (Rock In Peace).