[Live - Hip-Hop]

Sparkplug is an emcee and producer from Gloucester who has been releasing music since his debut EP 'Less id More' which dropped in 2013. Soon after he struck up an alliance with Jamie Fletcher as both had the same love for music.

Jamie contributed two songs to Sparkplugs debut album 'Hiding in Wide Open Spaces' in 2015. They both started to work together more closely. In 2018 releasing their collaborative EP 'Bento Box' which was an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Jamie's signature dub and electro funk. The EP widened the audience for both Jamie and Sparkplug spawning several videos.

Jamie and Sparkplug agreed to make Bento Box a series of releases planning Bento Box 2 for winter 2019 release before Jamie passed away. Sparkplugs next solo release 'Codex Gigas' due out this summer was exclusively produced by Jamie and features production from Jamie's producer friend Giles Munyard who Jamie introduced to Sparkplug in 2018. 'Codex Gigas' will be dedicated to Jamie.